Metatron Keyboard

I decided I wanted a portable ergonomic keyboard (in particular, one making good use of thumb keys). I was trying to decide between a few different options, but there was nothing quite like what I wanted, so I decided to make my own!

Here are some pictures of the build process:

Laser cut plates

I designed these in AutoCAD, and had them cut by Ponoko.

Cementing the pieces together

I elected to use an acrylic cement to attach the pieces instead of using screws, since I wanted to be able to make the wall as thin as possible. This was a very tense process, since I didn't have any spare pieces if I messed up. You can see a little bit of the prototype breadboard setup on the top right of the picture, which I forgot to take any pictures of...

Finished cementing

Switches inserted

I used Cherry MX Black switches for the thumb switches, and Cherry MX Brown switches for all the other keys. I had a few issues fitting the switches in, and had to file most of the holes a little bit, but it worked out.

Keys soldered and screen in place

Everything else soldered in

The final product

It does indeed work! Unfortunately, the firmware (available here) is still very much a work-in-progress, even though I can type with it over both USB and Bluetooth. I'm still learning the layout I designed for it (almost at 15 WPM at the time of writing!), so as I type with it more and more I'll continue to work on the firmware.


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