I'm Albert Morgese (aka Fusxfaranto)! Some of my hobbyist projects are listed below, and some others are on my GitHub, if you want to check those out. If you want to get in contact, send me an email (fusxfaranto@gmail.com)!

Here's some links to my accounts on various websites:


Here's some stuff I've made or am currently making! This isn't by any means comprehensive, but it's a reasonable selection of the things that I actually have something to show for.

Metatron keyboard
This is a custom ergonomic mechanical keyboard I built. It's got its own page, check it out!

I'm a big fan of the TGM series of Tetris games, and when I got a 3DS, I wanted to be able to practice on the go, so I made my own version! The graphics are plain and the feature set is small, but it simulates the gameplay of TGM very precisely down to each frame, so I consider it a success.

This is an IRC bot written in D, a successor to an earlier stagnated project. This was my first project in D, and one of the first projects where I really thought long and hard about things like how to consolidate similar features into fewer interacting systems, the security impacts of each new feature, and minimizing potential for undefined behavior.

Schedule maker
I wanted to automate the process of trying to figure out a combination of classes that actually fit together nicely, so I wrote this tool in Python. Later, I rewrote a large portion of it in Haskell, as part of learning that language (both versions are included in the repo).

4D renderer demo
This is a 4D renderer that works by rendering 3D cross sections of the 4D scene, and allowing the user to move around and manipulate the camera. Still under active development, but it's already pretty neat to mess around with.

Damage calculator for Pokemon Red/Blue
This is a damage calculator for Pokemon Red/Blue that's convenient enough to use mid-battle (as the others available online take a lot more time to get a result out of). This was also how I learned JavaScript, so it's not the cleanest, but it works as intended.